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My Val Experience with Et

I pulled it down. God! I exclaimed. What? Lola asked. I wrapped my palms round it and there was still some meat peeping. In a split second, Lola opened her eyes wide, dropped her jaw and touched my vagina and ‘said poor tiny girl you experienced a sexpansion.’ I laughed at Lola. I took on it though, I begun saying, I applied enough saliva on the rod, licked from the balls and stroked simultaneously. I was literally stoking his desires. I could feel his cock swell and let out pre cum. I used that to grease his cock and then used the tip of my tongue to lick the underneath parts of his cock to his cockhole.


The irony of life we face everyday is connected to our mindset. The life we Chose might be past, but there’s a trademark for every failure and success.We believe everyone has something to say, don’t be MUTE. Let’s take the path toward success…

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