It was almost dusk,

the weather was dull & foggy

with clouds forming shades of black & white in the sky.


From my window where I stood

I let the shrew cold beat my body

while I fantasized of moments unexplainable.


I was awoken from my fantasies

by a sharp cry that burst from across the bushes below my window.

I threw away the pillow that had been keeping me company

as I struggled to trace the voice through the fog


A belle demoiselle being pulled into the bushes by some thugs I didn’t recognize.

They seemed fearless so I didn’t make a move.

I was bewildered as they ropped their fingers on every curve of her slim dark skin,

Choked her up with brutal kisses,

tore her clothes exposing her bare skin to the cold.


She screamed,

Fought untill she couldn’t do it anymore.

She laid there,


They pulled her legs astride

I watched them have her whole

One after the other


My chest began to pant

I raced to my phone,

Dailed my country’s emergency number,

the line was busy

Which got me really confused

“Like seriously?”


I manned up,

Opened my door slowly

Spied through the fog but they seem to have gone.

I rushed to the scene,

My heart pounced heavily as I watched Hariette sobbing & bleeding from her thighs


Yes! I knew Hariette

The Dicken’s daughter.

She had been bruised & scarred

Not just her body but her life

Where forth does her Dignity lie?


It was 5minutes for them

But a life time for her.

_Taleabong B Alemnge_


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