I saw a picture of a little angel in disguise. I couldn’t get to see her face, for it was covered in tears.

The picture says a lot, but the message won’t be adhered to by a lot.

I was hit by my memory when I saw a young girl feeding a child. Could this be hers? I thought, who would have done this? A grown up man or maybe a teen like her?

On a Saturday morning I went to a bakery, to get bread for sale. Someone old enough to father a child of my age touched my cheeks. I guess because he gave me an extra bread. I got angry. Was I dreaming or something? How could he?

The scenario would have been repeated the next day but I stopped him. For some days I was accompanied by my brother when I told him of the unpleasant advances. The man got lucky my brother didn’t disfigured his looks.

In that same bakery, girls of my age work for him. One among them already has a child. Are they really safe? All for the hustle they say.

Walking down to my house, I saw a little girl who sat side by side with a man. I know the girl not be the daughter of the kiosk owner, she had some sweets in her hands. How close could they be? I thought. I’m one of his customers, he often calls me his wife. He would love to have a conversation with me, but each time i skipped him.


Could this be what’s repeating itself, or am I just over thinking?




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