Wooow Mandrina is back!!!

Cynthia Morgan, Popular nd people’s own favorite singer is back as Mandrina. She has been away from the industry for some time but she Is finally back. She didn’t just return with her new name Mandrina but also with her new looks and a new mad jam, “Billion Dollar Woman”. She also has created her own record label TCMC (The […]

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My perspective.

Life is not what it seems, to be good for everyone. most times one just smile because of the people around. Pardon my manner of simplicity, but I wish to inform you that I will plane than expected. Am used to thinking that the journey of life is just a game of play or opt-out. But the truth is difficult. […]

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The world we occupy ought to grow and develop but no way. Pardon me, I will have to use Nigeria as a case study. We can say that Nigeria is growing but underdeveloped. Yes, we complain that the old cargoes are ruling politics leaving the youths with little or no seat in politics. Despite all our clamouring, incase we dont […]

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