Can i be spawned forever Live a brimful life like never Hustle for the paper like I’ll last Oh forget the currency i don’t want to cast Can i sit and watch the mighty one Display his superbness of nature For the sorrowful feeling i quit to nurture Oh to the dust calling; i say bewarn Can i eliminate the […]

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5 Minutes

It was almost dusk, the weather was dull & foggy with clouds forming shades of black & white in the sky.   From my window where I stood I let the shrew cold beat my body while I fantasized of moments unexplainable.   I was awoken from my fantasies by a sharp cry that burst from across the bushes below […]

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Burning & Looting

I watched them                            Crawl into my heart Singing songs of praise With arms bearing alms I felt them Caress my eyes Luring my soul to a sweet dance Limbless souls, friends! I heard them Whispering my sins Letting winds vanish away with them Hypocritical mortals, friends Burning […]

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