Can i be spawned forever
Live a brimful life like never
Hustle for the paper like I’ll last
Oh forget the currency i don’t want to cast

Can i sit and watch the mighty one
Display his superbness of nature
For the sorrowful feeling i quit to nurture
Oh to the dust calling; i say bewarn

Can i eliminate the word vanity
For the record; the world is not long-lasting
I wish i could expand my livity
Perhaps my attainment will be enjoyed by my generation for everlasting

Can I be considered Lot yet fleeing scourges of Sodom?

Can I in my Africa skin equal that of the prestigious Whites?

Can I find solace not just in syringes but natural prowess?

Can I at least be crown a roaring lion in a jungle of rattle snakes?

Maybe I can arrange, re-arrange and set the carriage riders on proper lanes

Sunlight? Indeed nature has revealed flowers yet mammals replaces it with thorns!

Bereavement is for the dead; I stand active to succeed against the repels

Until then curbing the odds that I can’t cos I can remains the true fact my vision.

A collaborative poem by Derazyajah & Daniel Atu



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