Get a copy of the poem by downloading here From twilights to twilights I’m becoming so sick I’m as sick as a ‘sickler’, but wasn’t I warned to avoid intoxication of her lust? With much amazement, I am not only a rejected stone but a weakened brick This was never envisioned! She’s gone out of sight; she’s lost I was […]

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The day I bade farewell, I returned home. Driving out of the city of Lagos, along oshodi express road, I could see it steaming hot, she poured the stew on it, all I could do was imagine my self consuming Iya Wasila’s rice and stew. Smokes from weed and cigarettes nudging on the window. I boarded a bus back home […]

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Can i be spawned forever Live a brimful life like never Hustle for the paper like I’ll last Oh forget the currency i don’t want to cast Can i sit and watch the mighty one Display his superbness of nature For the sorrowful feeling i quit to nurture Oh to the dust calling; i say bewarn Can i eliminate the […]

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