Letter to my Besties

October 4, 2019 Derazy Ajah 0

Sometimes in life, we cut off bridges because we think that way won’t be needed but then life is unpredictable. It takes us back to “We need us”


August 22, 2019 Derazy Ajah 0

The true aspect of life is love; pure love brings out the essence of companionship. Having someone whom you see and walk up to as […]


July 10, 2019 Derazy Ajah 0

Am I holding on to something I never possessed?
I got my heart broken
Because I fell on my chest while…

The Life I Chose

July 10, 2019 Derazy Ajah 0

The irony of life we face everyday is connected to our mindset. The life we Chose might be past, but there’s a trademark for every failure and success.
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April 27, 2019 Derazy Ajah 2

Adaku is not just about marriage on first read, but when studied relatively digging the corruption practice in the world, how the leaders exchange our well-being for their luxurious and extravagant lifestyle