Can i be spawned forever Live a brimful life like never Hustle for the paper like I’ll last Oh forget the currency i don’t want to cast Can i sit and watch the mighty one Display his superbness of nature For the sorrowful feeling i quit to nurture Oh to the dust calling; i say bewarn Can i eliminate the […]

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5 Minutes

It was almost dusk, the weather was dull & foggy with clouds forming shades of black & white in the sky.   From my window where I stood I let the shrew cold beat my body while I fantasized of moments unexplainable.   I was awoken from my fantasies by a sharp cry that burst from across the bushes below […]

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Burning & Looting

I watched them                            Crawl into my heart Singing songs of praise With arms bearing alms I felt them Caress my eyes Luring my soul to a sweet dance Limbless souls, friends! I heard them Whispering my sins Letting winds vanish away with them Hypocritical mortals, friends Burning […]

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The story of Arike depicts a part of our culture, that dealt with Trade by barter. No matter the effort used in abolishing our culture during the colonisation of Africa and even presently, we found a thick blood in Exchange.
God created man, gave him everything but excluded rest, so there is a belief that no one has it all, we need each other in life’s race.
Till this present day, when people give out, It is believed that something is usually involved.
Arike gives a loud cry on the importance of corporation (Trade by barter)

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