The model in this picture is Prisca Ogbuagu…

Don’t stay too long he said
Don’t touch that she said
stay at home, don’t leave the house
I don’t have a penny for you today
You can’t style your hair that way she said
Be like this when we have a guest
I don’t want to see you with such company
Take your books and revise
In this world, I have seen more, I was here before you!
Shut your mouth, I am talking! …………………… (Echoes)

In my father’s house my body dwelled but not my thoughts
Bassy! Bassy!! Bassy!!! My Mum called on to me
My ears were shut on the inside
I wanted to be originated not duplicated
Bassy has been gone since the youthful age of mother & father
And no trace found yet
Since I turned deaf ears to the word of the elders
I have to dwell in a back of beyond heart
Everyday mother sits in remembrance of not just the past
But the footprint of my departure which rested on the sand
Though it is washed, she still sees them clearly
And will always dwell in her heart
I’m here to tell gently all that one day I shall have to tell

“Derazy Ajah inked The Life I Chose”

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