His big, callused hands slid down my back, over my waist, and settled down on the curve of my butt, grabbing it firmly. I let out a soft gasp and looked around quickly, the shame reddening my cheeks.
No one seemed notice us, everyone was preoccupied with the blaring music and piercing lights. He announced his exit and rants of “Cash money” filled the air. We led the way out, followed by the rest of his gang, and when the car door opened, I hopped straight into the laps of another.
The ride was very uncomfortable, and I dared not squirm, because every movement I made, no matter how little, made the growing bulge under me throb.

Then, I felt another pair of hands slip under my dress, gradually moving north. I held my breath as a finger slid into my vagina. Slowly and steadily, the finger moved in and out of it. It was strangely uncomfortable, pleasure mixed with pain. But what mattered to me was the laughters that were erupting around me, as I tried unsuccessfully to supress my moans.
Gently, a hand grabbed one of my boobs, fondling it. I was getting very uncomfortable but I couldn’t say anything, instead I sat still there as another hand grabbed my other boob, manhandling the nipple there. I squealed and tried to adjust myself in his laps, my hand coming in contact with his hard dick.
Silently cursing myself as he growled, the dick in my hand seemed to grow bigger. I made a silent prayer, and as I expected, I was yanked off his laps and thrown on the seat.
Quickly, my dress was pried away from me and all I could do was scream. A hand covered my mouth as my panties were taken off but I bit it and screamed louder. Something hit me at the side of my head and the last thing I felt was the puff of a cigarette being blown into my face with their laughter still playing in the background before blanking out.
The rays of the morning sun peeked through my window, shining on my eyes. Slowly, I heaved myself up and rubbed my eyes. For a while, I couldn’t register anything. I sat there, and when the memories of last night came, I smiled faintly then winced, aware of my growing headache.
“Dera,” I called out and my younger sister came scurrying into my room as fast as her little legs could carry her.
“Bring some water for me,” she nodded and headed out of the room, returning with a glass of water. I grabbed the water immediately and chugged it down. I finished the water and looked down to meet her questioning look. “You cannot greet, abi?”
“Good morning,” she said, then sat down on my bed. “I heard you screaming last night, did you have a bad dream?”
I paused for a while, starting at the little strands of hair that fell out of her ponytail before answering, “My dream was very bad.”
Quickly, she crossed her legs and held up her face with her hands, and with little expectant eyes looked up at me and said, “Tell me all about the dream”



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Ajah Goodnews Chidera Socially known as Derazy Ajah is a student of Ebonyi State University, with the aim of communicating. An indigene of Ebonyi State, she has a soft spot for writing, which she started at age 12, "Writing is simply the way I put out my thoughts",she always say. Her love for writing led her to put down nice peice of works. She has written lots of beautiful works. She owns the blog site where she puts out her works. She is the future yet to be seen.

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