Warning, this story comprises of sex and nudity. You have been warned.
He rolled his tongue around her right nipple while he twisted the other in his hand. Firm and full in his grasp, he couldn’t help but grind his erection on her pink lace panty. She arched her back, yearning for more, her right hand travelled down to cup his big lengthy manhood

His manhood pulsed in her hand but he wouldn’t have it. He was to be in control not the other way around.
He jerked her hand off. _Bitch I’m in control!_ he thought. He held her hands together with his left hand and pinned it above her head. She was loving it, more than she should, he noticed. This would be a juicy ride for him. He felt his insides pulse in joy and anticipation.
He got off her in one quick move and nearly tore off his boxers in a manner so wanton. He slapped her breasts with his backhand, earning a yelp from her.
“Easy,” she pleaded as the sting of the his action still lingered on her.
He however wasn’t having any of this, he rubbed his hand down the length of his manhood and without a warning, he thrusted harshly into her.
She grunted in pain, she had not had a manhood this big inside her before. It was an adventure, a thrilling one.
He pulled out and thrusted in again, this time with more force, sending her body bopping up and down. He continued in this rhythm, satisfying himself, evoking groans from her. The sounds pleased him, he didn’t want her feeling pleasure, the pleasure was all his.
He grunted, a form of disapproval towards her. To punish her of this, he pulled out of her so quick the movement made a _bop_ sound. He turned her around, she was now facing the bed with her round petite ass raised high. He thrusted once more into her now quivering honeypot, she wanted to feel his abs, this man was an adonis and she wanted to explore every part of him. He growled and slapped her hands away from his skin, thrusting harder and deeper into her that the metallic bed frame was now squeaking.
He slapped her derriere, thrusting into her in quick successions. He pulled her up against his body, sweat clung onto sweat. He held her neck loosely, increasing his thrusts.
He bit his lip hard, he was getting close. He tightened his grip on her neck and kept pounding into her in a manner his forefathers would be so proud of. She coughed. He was choking her.
“You’re–You’re choking m–” she tried to speak out but he wouldn’t let her. He smirked as his grip got tighter around her neck. She tried scratching him with her artificial nails, he wasn’t letting go any time soon. She coughed, choked, whimpered. This wasn’t what she signed up for when he’d picked her off the street. She was losing herself and her life, but the party was just getting wilder for him. He strangled her till she fell lifeless on the bed. She was dead. He turned her over once again and inserted himself into her. A few thrusts later and he was ejaculating into her lifeless body.
“Ungh!” he grunted, before pulling out. He went on his knees, licking his sperm in her, using his hands to spread apart her vagina, he licked her insides. He lapped on and on like a starved dog, when he was done he slurped on her lips taking out the remains.
Satisfied with his accomplishment, he got up, put on his clothes, looked at her lifeless body one more time, spat on her then left the hotel. Tomorrow, he would find another to fulfill his dangerous desires.



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