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Can i get your attention please?
I know you’re thinking about Christmas and New year, and all the places you are gonna visit, but have you visited your heart? Have you visited your mind, soul, body?, and mostly have you visited your desires.
Yes it is right to celebrate that you’re fortunate to see the ending of the year, but what about your achievements? Have you been able to accomplish your year’s resolution? Very soon we will be saying “happy new year” forgetting that we still have unfulfilled resolutions, and some of us will still set another new year resolution despite the unfulfilled ones we have on our list. Isn’t it just like building a heap of confusion in our life? If we keep on procrastinating, our dreams won’t be reached, and then we face life and blame it on earth’s surface.

This should be the time our mind get bisected with white paint and faux pas.
One Miss Chidera ones said that “most times i ask myself what i have achieved, if i have done anything to deserve a “thank you”.
Meditate on your dreams and reach for it, make sure you don’t stop trying.
So next time, instead of talking about that nice dress and beautiful places you wanna visit either with friends, family or alone, remember your dreams, is that part of your resolution? You might visit all the exotic places but when you’re back, your mind will still wander to your resolution.

Derazy Ajah Inked Resolution

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Derazy Ajah

Ajah Goodnews Chidera Socially known as Derazy Ajah is a student of Ebonyi State University, with the aim of communicating. An indigene of Ebonyi State, she has a soft spot for writing, which she started at age 12, "Writing is simply the way I put out my thoughts",she always say. Her love for writing led her to put down nice peice of works. She has written lots of beautiful works. She owns the blog site where she puts out her works. She is the future yet to be seen.

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