Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk

As inked by EK TiGER

Let’s talk, let’s talk about the future
When we begin to make money from today’s feature
And we have more responsibilities and few chores.
Would we still laugh to our silly jokes?
Let’s talk, when money becomes more than a legal tender
And it becomes a financial status
Would we be rich enough to buy enough time for ourselves?
When jet isn’t a club in schools but a steel bird
And the square circle engages us
Not as sportsmen but as spouses,
Would we still remember our nicks?
Let’s talk, when we go to see movies in the cinema
And our phones aren’t the theatre
Would we forget those times we shouted see Neymar?
I know y’all would say “when we get to the bridge, we would cross”
But maybe this isn’t a bridge to cross but one to burn.
Still, let’s talk.

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