Letter to my Besties

We were friends, like families
Together like we will never get separated, grouped beautifully like the Lily, but i took the car and drove into an alley and saw a blur image of me
In a white collar dress.
I could have rejected it but i couldn’t stop giving reasons to embrace it
I appeared ‘perfect’ on that dress code. I could only smile with none of my teeth showing.
But one day,the dress got dirty and needed to be washed,
a picture of an happy girl couldn’t stop staring at me, i picked it up and tears couldn’t stop rolling, How dare I cry?
Do you know feeling?
Suddenly my head began to hurt, pictures flashed of an happy girl, i screamed as the laughter increased that was hell of a long night for me.
I am happy i kept saying but can’t compare to the image u saw she said.
Guys i wanna come back, it’s not easy here, i miss running after making the granny on the next street angry, i miss threatening the soft bones, i missed running after stealing oranges and lime from the head teacher’s tree in her compound.
Do you remember the granny that sell Agbalumo on the market junction?
How we took more than we paid for (laughs) remember how we tricked the Aboki in the 3rd oba street?
How we made little stuffs and sell to make money and after every days sale, we end up using the money to buy malt, milk and gala? (laughing harder right now).
we did stupid things and at a point i thought we were being immature but i think i overrated our lifestyle, but now i know we’re just growing up, But i grew up so fast and i just wanna come back, come back home i mean.
I’m sorry for being rude and pushing you all away. And as for the white collar dress some people called maturity? I got rid of it, i’m done growing so fast, I’m coming home to enjoy every minute, and I’m counting on y’all to help me out but first i got to help myself, get chips and drinks for celebration and play Beat it by Michael Jackson, though I’m the best at dancing to it, so I’m sure you all missed it (chuckles) by the way i am listening to Don’t grow up so fast by train and he’s right “Good times shall pass” but I say “memories will stay forever”



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