My Africa

My Africa by Daniel Atu MK

Excel thee amongst continents oh My Africa
The fine-art of living must prevail in this dome
For it’s a land flowing with milk and honey; My Eden! My Africa!
Yet I know bound to come are struggles we must overcome

Like hair strands on a head are innumerable; her resources is not among the least
Like eagle’s pride and elephant’s strength she tenders after her daisy
Traitors fear laying a siege on her ever-rich glory ‘cos in her anger she’s a beast!
No wonder screaming headlines of her challenges are overcome daily.

Surely inequality and stigmatization shall arise
Yet guarded by an ever-loving ‘Eledumare’ I feel secure
I am proud as an indigene of peace and unity, she birthed me; I am alive!
Like soldiers on battlefield with love and unity in diversity; we stand firm! I concur

We can never give up on her dreams for we are Africans
Until vision’s achieved; peace we preach to our fellow Africans!


You can also get a copy of the poem here by downloading!

DANIEL ATU MKPE hails from Biakwan Village, in Boki LGA of Cross River State, Nigeria. An actor, poet, content creator and undergraduate of Mass Communication at Ebonyi State University. 

His love for creativity and talent building has always stood him out. He’s the current EBSU Creative Club Coordinator (Ishieke / Permsite Annexes).

His vision is to make an indispensable impact in the entertainment and political worlds.



  • Wow!
    This is so fascinating,i must confess.
    Derazy,you’re indeed a rare gem and a blessing to mankind.

    This site is fully loaded with life impacting contents.

    I’m so proud of you.
    May God Almighty elevate you to the apogee of your career in Jesus name,Amen!

    And for the poem above titled; ‘AFRICA, it’s a wonderful artwork.

    Daniel Atu is really a prodiy in art.I went through his previous work and verified that he has more than enough for humanity.

  • Wonderful Piece …. I am A PROUD AFRICAN

  • Wonderful piece. I am A PROUD AFRICAN.


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