Arike loves anything between the legs,

She would twist her waist like a snake

And give a beautiful smile at just a wink.

She is face twisted but mind focused,

Scratch my back and I’ll do the same

She says, not minding if it comes with shame.

She gives a hungry man for another day,

Also believing the creator never sleeps.

She shares half her portion,

Because tomorrow she might be in such position.

She follows men offering her clits for the night

But never leave without a compensation.

Men dubbed her a knight

Women say she might leave the world dead like Abacha.

Arike believes in paying back debts,

Because it’s part of sin Which might go with death.

Many call her the glorious giver,

But she in exchange order them for something.

Give me rice and i shall give you my beans

Or give me a chick and you shall have my yam.

Steal from me and You shall be stolen from

Nothing goes for nothing

Many say, wed me your daughter

And you shall have my land.



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