My Mindset

 Every single day, I keep on giving people reasons this country won’t move forward.
Excuse me, I’ll try my best to be as plain as possible and not authoritative.
The mindset controls us, it moves I and you. Our everyday lives could be better, if people don’t get mad of their ambitions over their necessities. There’s a truth in every word only if we open our eyes to see. We go out everyday with two mindsets: one which is positive while the other Negative. We meet two sets of people: it’s either Positive or Negative, don’t be confused by a confused mindset, because if you aren’t heading for positive then it’s Negative.
Have you ever wondered how some people live so comfortably? I think you should ask when you see one.
“Oh how hard this country has been” i see people lament on a daily basis, but have you thought of how hard this country would be?
There are a lot of things to be fixed but i think we should start from you, yes you.
Judging from the way things are going in 4 years time we should be getting things on track by voting for the right Candidate but hell no, because in 4 years time we would be making the same mistakes we made yesterday, we will be seeing different faces, listening to different voices, and getting different manifestos from parties, but not a different mindset, not a different Aim and objective. We continue to let them bull shit us and extract the crap out of us? Maybe one day we will be having intra wealth discrimination (IWD) and have riches increasing the volume of human importance in the country.



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