Life is not what it seems, to be good for everyone. most times one just smile because of the people around.
Pardon my manner of simplicity, but I wish to inform you that I will plane than expected.
Am used to thinking that the journey of life is just a game of play or opt-out.
But the truth is difficult. Everyday i try to be happy.
They told me not to cry when am down but why I shouldn’t I?
As I lay on my sick stinking bed, I wish I could address the world just in my room. There’s tears every time I blink. Yes, there’s peace but its tearing me up. I Have loss my human Identity because the soil is organising a feast for me.
Just want to let you know that each time I smile, behind are the worries of life. My heart sinks, sure it does. A kiss on the forehead could be encouraging but it not gonna be.
I hope that I see the world as you did, because I know that the life we love is the life that has been lived.
Hearts has been broken because of less love.
To all those who care to listen; life is a journey that we don’t know our bus-top, lead a straight life and leave that legacy behind because one can drop at anytime.

I have nothing else at hand not because I lack words because it is never lacked.
I drop my phone to rest while nature search for me. Guess this is my bus-top and am afraid that I have lasted not too long in this world


Derazy Ajah

Ajah Goodnews Chidera Socially known as Derazy Ajah is a student of Ebonyi State University, with the aim of communicating. An indigene of Ebonyi State, she has a soft spot for writing, which she started at age 12, "Writing is simply the way I put out my thoughts",she always say. Her love for writing led her to put down nice peice of works. She has written lots of beautiful works. She owns the blog site where she puts out her works. She is the future yet to be seen.