My Society

Human i am but not to the society
In the snail’s house they harbored me
Took away not the pain
But raised the agony of man by two
To their society, I was a menace
With their world looking at me
Finding defects to put me behind barsA free man i was but walked in manacle so I couldn’t split my legs
I was presented an image of myself
A life time of disappointment and bad credit wrapped in a black suit
Was brought as a present to me
They called me names in public
But in closet, seek my opinion
Presented it as theirs and detracted the credit meant for me
I will show the world an idea that wasn’t yours and you will show to your face one of your idea that wasn’t terrible
They said to me, when i comforted them
I do not deserve lifetime partners
Because they forcefully took mine
I couldn’t look at my fellow in the eyes
Because that signifies danger
I defended myself even when i was not being fought
I was scared, but couldn’t let a fellow know
I was an Angel but was taken for a Demon.
📝 Derazyajah



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