Nigerian Lawyers are not learned

Nigerian lawyers call themselves learned friends from time of old but these days they are not. If they are learned why would they succumb to illegal judgement in the court when the nations of the world have seen that such judgement is not obtainable in the court of other nations of the world, meanwhile the right thinking judges in Nigeria knows it is incorrect but they all kept quiet . For instance the judgement that Hope Uzodinma (governor of imo state) victory over Emeka Ihedioha in the election tribunal judgement which the hawkers on the street knew that it was wrong but was upheld as correct judgement by corrupt judges in the court. I say so because, the lawyer of Emeka Ihedioha said that wonder shall never end in Nigeria court because he had seen that the judgement was wrongly decided. The few learned ones among them cried out after the judgment and they were suppressed by the power that be as for Nigeria saying.

Barth Osi The Tailor



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