I hard victorious sounds,
As winter comes knocking
For every burning heart to be freeze,
Away from pain and heartbreak.
So many times I stumbled into your servitude,
Enslaved in the darkest part of your heart.

So many times i crumbled;
At the presence of your fist.
Now, out on the horizon, I see winter coming
With a thunderous sounds of freedom.
Quickly kick off my soul like a powerless pulet
Thrown into a furious gale.
Sting me with your dark-words and end this tale.
With you, life is vanity
With death, freedom is everything.
Let time counts and give a sound;
To every drop of my blood.
Let every eyes mourn my history
And learn from my misery.
Oh! Poison me as winter sings for freedom
So will i dance joyfully into my Father’s kingdom.

©A.O.steph (The Antidote Ink)

Derazy Ajah

Ajah Goodnews Chidera Socially known as Derazy Ajah is an aspiring student of Ebonyi State University, with the aim of studying law. An indigene of Ebonyi State, she has a soft spot for writing, which she started at age 12, "Writing is simply the way I put out my thoughts",she always say. Her love for writing led her to put down nice peice of works. She has written lots of beautiful works. She owns the blog site where she puts out her works. She is the future yet to be seen.

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