Give me back my virginity.
You promised to always love me,
You promised me the forever love,
You promised to take me as your wife,
You promised never to love another lady.
You asked me if I was a virgin,
I said,”Yes.”
You smiled and hugged me,
You said I was the queen of your heart, right away.
I was glad you got me.
You asked me for sex,
I denied you,

You asked me for romance,
I denied you.
I didn’t let this happen as I already made a vow never to engage in it until marriage.
I made a vow to lose my virginity only to my God-ordained husband.
God-ordained husband?”*You asked!
Yes,”I said!
I will forever love you,”you said as you drew near me.
Hun, I will marry you,
You are mine,
I am yours,
Let me make you feel like a woman this moment.
We’ve been together close to a year now and nothing ever happened between us.
Please, I want you.”
All these you said with the bedroom voice.
I couldn’t do anything,
You made me melt,
Your touch couldn’t be avoided,
Your warm breath that sailed across my neck made me close my eyes,_
You sent me to another world with your kisses and did it!
Oh, yes, you did it!
You did it!
You did it again!
Oh no, again!
You promised me marriage!
You did!
Not..not..not until you started ignoring my calls, my texts, my love!
I went to your home after a week of no response;
I’d have come earlier but I….I wasn’t feeling too well,_
I was confirmed pregnant!
I rushed down to your place,
Not until I found the gate locked!
What…what…erm,”I stuttered.
With my head held high, I saw Sister Tomi your neighbor, coming from afar.
I ran up to her as beads of sweat stood out on my face.
I didn’t even remember to greet her as I asked where you were?
It was her laughter that made me shake my head,
I couldn’t understand this!
She hissed, turned her back at me, and then scoffed.
Bro Larry is a play boy,
I know what really is wrong with you,
You lost your virginity,”she laughed, mimicking all of my moves.
She told me you never loved me,
That you just wanted to taste a virgin;
A victim I was.
I collapsed and was rushed down to the hospital.
Three days later, oh that afternoon,
I woke up and found a letter on my bed.
I never knew who dropped it._
I opened it, only for me to see it was a wedding card.
I adjusted myself in bed and got my gaze fixed on it and read:

Funmi weds Larry.”

I thought I was seeing something else,
I re-read it,
It was still the same._
I couldn’t read further,
But screamed,_ _”I lost it! I lost it! I lost it”
This was my saying throughout my time at the hospital.
Kemi told me this!
I’ve just recovered from my mental problem.
Give me back my virginity!

Written by: Vikjtaar


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