Roses and Blues

We smoke to clear sands from our eyes.
Yeah, the gang!
That’s how we feel drifted from reality.
It’s a rule in the ghetto,
Smoking & Puffing!

This one night,
The gang was absent
but for Mary & I!
Yeah, Mary!
Big crystal eyes
Over golden hair
& a bold smile

I watch her inhale & puff out smoke.
The fire on the cigarette liting her face with fine red lights
as she expertly handled the wrap in between her index finger.

We smoked
For no other reason than drowning our pain,
Seeing beyond,
& losing our minds.

This particular night,
We had not only lost our minds.
We lost our way home.
Perplexed in pitch darkness,
We ended somewhere seeming like a lagoon.
No voices heard,
Just Me, Mary & stars above our heads.

We took deep breaths
Reached for each other’s hands
Trying to trace our eyes through the darkness.

Then our eyes caught each other’s
Igniting the fires in our souls
Then we fed from our lips
hoping to find ourselves in ourselves.
We kept feeding & tasting our lips in delight,
Hoping to catch something stronger
Something hotter than the fire that was burning in us already.

The lagoon was cold
We took away the cold from our skin
& every other thing that could kill,
We kept silence in the dark, just hands moving side by side.
Our lips couldn’t escape

Just in time when the turbulence in my head almost woke me from such a Dream,
She whispered songs into my ears
Sending vibrations up my spine
Then once again, we were lost in the midst of Lost.
Her tightened breast pressing hard on my bare chest,
Her fingers satisfying my soul.

She tried!
Playing hard with my mind
Convincing me she was mine
even just for one night.
She held me tight,
Feeding me hard
& I couldn’t help but groan
& Her eyes flashed with delight.

We found dawn in darkness,
The sparkle of a romance,
Nothing short of a novela!
A beautiful blend of roses & blues.
Nowhere became home in her arms
& She found warmth In mine too

The night spared us with gladness,
It blessed us with closeness
Taking us to a whole new adventure of sweetness.
Wether it was a lagoon or not,
It’s a place we’ll want to get lost in
Again & again

✍️Penboy & Mary



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