Sad Reality

The troubles of life appear to be much
Many more appears to be unknown, we wake up everyday to make end means
Our means range from putting food on the table to offsetting our different debts
While we undergo this struggles for a better life
we hear stories about others who plot and often appearing to have nine lives
These people work less buh gain more
Their victims happens to be me and you
They shoot their gun and raise their machetes, we lay silent with our heart in our mouth, ridicule with fear at the uncertainty
while handing over to them all we have and have worked for, most of them lack empathy and have no boundaries on who their victims are, some even go for the elderly and the helpless ones among us
This bring tears to the community when we see the elderly ones crying about the little they have which have been taken from them
Who would love to see his/her mother or father shed tears?

Who would love to experience the pain of letting go of what u love the most?
They have painted humans as being black when having none
And hence tainted our identity
As a human endowed with the fear of our creator
I suggest we fight, not just any fight, the good fight
The fight for our fate and the soul of humanity.