Sometimes as inked by EK TiGER


Image by Derazy Ajah

Sometimes when birds fly apart

It’s not because they desire to nest alone,

Its because the trees could

No longer hold on for the weight of two.

Sometimes when lovers no longer play at night

It’s not because they can’t make love

During moonlight,

It’s because the night sun

Has hidden behind the dark skies.

Sometimes when kisses no longer

Brings smile on the the silver night,

It’s because the sun has been washed by the seas.

Sometimes love just doesn’t reciprocate

It gives what it doesn’t take.

Sometimes the peak of love

Is the depth of its fall.

Sometimes when I remember

Shaking the careless hands of heart break

I feel I was reckless in love.

Sometimes I feel this perfect love of ours

That turned so so sour

Is a beautiful imperfection.

Sometimes I feel like shouting

From my rooftop

On top of my lungs,

That falling for love

Is worse than falling from heaven above.


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