The Draining Ocean

I'll miss you

You’ve been with me since birth of course

I’ve love-hated you all the way

Never have I forgotten you

How you took a bullet for me even not for others

Sometimes you pushed me away

I didn’t know why

You wouldn’t let me kiss you,

You took me as yours and mine the same which is true

I wish to wake up and feel like it was just a dream by Lil Wayne

I can’t keep my eyes away from each other though it is

I promise never to disturb you

Or be stubborn

I promise to spend every second with you

I promised not to let this way me down

I promise to be yours and yours only

I love you even when you’re no more

I can’t say this to you now until you’re finally gone but I’ll be sad because you won’t be listening with your eyes open

I hope you watch over me like you used to.

They don’t know but i do

📝 Derazyajah




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