The true aspect of life is love; pure love brings out the essence of companionship. Having someone whom you see and walk up to as that part of your personality seems lacking, that personality you cannot acquire. Instead only that person can make it up to you with that personality you find missing from within.
That person who has accepted to take part and fill up the missing personality you find wanting, now comes in to be your helpmate (a helping hand). The one who has decided to give you a helping hand is the one you spend your time with. Always bear in mind to be real, show honesty and respect to your helpmate (helping hand). Your helpmate makes the sacrifice of giving you the orientation you need. For instance, once, I had a helpmate who gave me the orientation and experience I lacked, this helpmate thought me to have a nice writing because this helpmates writing always look good and attractive. I learnt having a nice writing because she made the sacrifice of spending her time with me in the classroom and we both sat together as class partners. My helpmate made me adapt to the environment of my school when I just came newly into my school. Then I was regarded fondly as “coco-wave hair guy” by the pupils of my school. I often called her “Neighbour” . I called her “Neighbour” because of her kind gestures towards me. She was truly a neighbour just as Jesus Christ cited in the parable of the good Samaritan. “Neighbour” made me not to feel left out among the rest when I was just new in the school. On an occasion, “Neighbour” made the sacrifice of sharing the little space she acquired on the seat of our schools drama and cultural auditorium.
One thing that made me not to lose sight of “Neighbour” and not to forget her after I left my school in class five was that she was caring. She cared for me when my class teacher flogged me because I could not spell “eat” due to my class teachers wrong English intonation. My class teacher called the word, making it sound as “it” and I spelt the word as I heard him call it. When I returned to my desk where we both sat, Neighbour felt sad seeing me cry. She consoled me to stop crying but I could not help with that (crying), so she whispered into my ear these words “I will give you my lunch snacks if only you stop crying” I had no option but to stop. Till today, I cannot forget the existence of Neighbour. My inability of forgetting Neighbour made me to get back in touch with her after she left Lagos to reside in Owerri, Imo State. I did not know she had moved to Owerri until the day I visited where she used to reside in Lagos. I was informed by her friends living within her locality that Lillian had moved to a new place in Owerri few months ago. This reply by Lillians friend made me feel dejected. I felt bad about her departure because I had no means to communicate or contact her whether on whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, Instagram or even on her cell phone.
Few days later, I pushed into prayer; I knew prayer had the force field to make the impossible to be possible. I made this prayer:
“Dear God get me back
in contact with Lillian.”
This prayer was offered during my daily devotion and I took it up as devotion. As destiny will have it, we came in touch with each other. How did this happen? Upon that fateful evening of a Sunday, I made the decision to saunter the parish premises, during the course of my strolling, I met a classmate of mine who knew Lillian and where she resided. He made it known to me that Lillian (Neigh`bour) was truly residing in Owerri. This friend of mine gave me the gist on how he visited Lillian and how her feminine feature looked like he said to me:
“Lillian now has better looks compared to
her primary school beauty. She has added
more to her beauty. If you see her ehhh, she
has developed large thighs and round curvy
hips in form of a perfect hourglass shape.
Her waist made it convenient for me to keep
my hands hanging and relaxed when we both
hugged each other. Her outstanding charming
boobs embraced my heart when she came close
to peck me on my forehead. Her sexy looking eyes
sparkling like gold made me not to lose sight of her
and her skin was like sun rays.”
After he gave me the description, I went further to ask him if he had any of her contact on Facebook, Whatsapp, or her phone number. He told me he had her only Facebook contact, he gave me her contact on Facebook, and with this I was happy. I went home and sent a friend request to her, she accepted my request of being friends on Facebook. We both made chats, and in the course of one of our chats, she gave me her phone number. I made judicious use of her number by calling her frequently to know how she was doing. My chat and call with her reminded me of our past times.
As the day passed by, our chats turned out romantic and filled the air with sentiments of pure love. On an occasion when we both had our chats, I informed Lillian that I was in Owerri, Lillian made me to understand that it would have been nice of me visiting her residence. I made it known to her that I would have loved to visit but I already had a busy schedule. Within me, I noticed that turning down such an offer would hurt her feeling. So, I took to heart a decision to make it up to her when next I visit Owerri.
One day when I and Lillian had a chat, I made it clear to her that I was feeling bored. She told me she felt the same. She really knew I was going through a lot; she kept me company by giving me a call. When she called; we discussed on our past lives, the present and our future ambitions. She also threw the question of asking “what do you want from me?” I told her nothing but she made it clear to me that I must say something. She went further by giving me options of things I would want from her. Some of those things which were; friendship, marriage, love, to chill out and companionship; as a guy been real with himself and not living a fake life, I told her what my heart had for her: “I LOVE YOU”. When she had this, she burst into exciting laughter which made me throw back the question back to her. Her response was that since we share the same bond she would like to chill out with me. I threw back the question of asking her why she would like chilling out with me; she said it has been a long time we both stayed together. There upon, I revealed to her my intention of visiting Owerri in the nearest future which I gave her the time I will be visiting. Lillian was pleased with my plans, so she made me to know that she will be expecting my visit.
It was at this juncture that I and Lillian had our last phone call and Facebook chat. I made preparations to pay my visit to her in Owerri. Please be patient with me as I dust my bag and duff my cap for the next adventure. When am back I will tell you my experience, what happened and how I journeyed through the moments with her.

Text gotten from “archive of thoughts”
Written by;
Mariostephen (Khiby)


Derazy Ajah

Ajah Goodnews Chidera Socially known as Derazy Ajah is a student of Ebonyi State University, with the aim of communicating. An indigene of Ebonyi State, she has a soft spot for writing, which she started at age 12, "Writing is simply the way I put out my thoughts",she always say. Her love for writing led her to put down nice peice of works. She has written lots of beautiful works. She owns the blog site where she puts out her works. She is the future yet to be seen.

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