A glance at my future through the mirror
So beautiful and tasty like sugar aisle on a cake
Right now? No stories of joy, only pains and sorrow
Only appearing a fictional celebrant with no cake
I’m trapped! No hallucinating, I’m mapping my aspirations

In a land of the zombies! A place of celebration for only scavengers
My dreams! They are strong; No work; in sight no fruition
Strengthened like a vulture; knotting the shoe ropes to fly like an eagle
Starts with enough exchange of wine from newbie to knowbie
A drop of fuel powerfully conveyed to upset systems

Don’t be scared; growth is adorable! Else, Einstein wouldn’t be a stem
Time’s like an arrow on a dart with romanced effort as miracle
I’m ready! The flight is mine cos I’m the plane
Tell my future; a complex is erected
The world would marvel; it all started with a visionary glare.


You can also get a copy of the poem here by downloading!


DANIEL ATU MKPE hails from Biakwan Village, in Boki LGA of Cross River State, Nigeria. An actor, poet, content creator and undergraduate of Mass Communication at Ebonyi State University. 

His love for creativity and talent building has always stood him out. He’s the current EBSU Creative Club Coordinator (Ishieke / Permsite Annexes).

His vision is to make an indispensable impact in the entertainment and political worlds


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