Dad was a student of flight – he was in the traveling class. Mom was a staff of office – she was a workaholic. I’m Zen, I’d be making some confessions, my readers are my pope.

When I hear children shouting on top of their voices, like their feet stood firmly on their vocal cords; I reminisce on my childhood.

Born as the first born of the family; I woke into responsibilities. I was not yet 18 when I begun to drink responsibly. I feel like heaven handed me the key to my bullock quite early. So the man in me was birthed in me before I knew what’s left of what’s right.

I was born into a strict Christian family. I feel like my birth to my parents was strictly by order. My dad was as rare as a gem. Mom always rose before sunrise.
Mom didn’t only beat the sun to rise, she was always beating Lagos traffic.

Like every other child privileged to have formal education, morning and noon hours belonged to schooling. Evenings were for lessons, so I would commit less sins, or so they thought. Like everything, there was a first time. The one o’clock of everything that happens to mankind.

Lesson was then done with a neighbours daughter – Tosin. She was two classes my senior back in school. One fateful day day, the unusual happened. Our lesson teacher would not come. Tosin suggested we engage in some homeplay as we were done with our homework.

Of all games suggested I opted for hide and sick. We took turns to hide and seek; for the rules were straight. It was all fun until another unusual incident.

My mom returned early from work, it was a taboo to let visitors into our house. I was dying already in the living room. Papa! Papa! My mom called, as that was my nickname. I didn’t want my mom to see Tosin. My mom was a specialist of the skin to skin pinch technique that leaves one with such pleasurable pain than an unprotected sex.

I laid still. Papa! She called. This time with anger. She moved to the bedroom to fetch me unlike water from the well. For I knew all wouldn’t be well.

Mom moved to the bedroom and called Papa. This time angrier then I answered ma! Well I could answer her call because Tosin was out of the living room. I didn’t respond to earlier calls because Tosin and I were hiding from my mom who was seeking for me while we hid under the chair she was sitting.

For the first time I had the courage to not answer any of my parent’s call, for Tosin locked my lips with hers. It was my first taste of lips.



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